I feel bad about still going to Starbucks, when a new local coffee shop opened up in town. However, the new shop is out of my way, and the food there is terrible. Hot chocolate ought not to taste like coffee. That’s the entire point of not ordering coffee. A smoothie needs to be blended slowly, so the ice doesn’t melt and water the whole thing down, and with the correct proportions of ice/fruit/milk.

I am torn between wanting to support a local business with a nice atmosphere, and getting something that I actually want in a timely fashion. Is there an a priori duty to supporting the local hip thing, or is it morally excusable to skip out on something that simply isn’t as good? And is there a polite way to address the deficiencies in the product?

These are the first world problems I think about.


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  1. It’s a very serious first world problem that needs to be dealt with. Just like people ending their sentences with prepositions.

    I’m a foodie living in Victoria BC, which has the second highest number of restaurants per capita in north america, and there are so many local places I want to support but don’t because of the inferior quality and outrageous prices. Survival of the fittest I suppose.

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