The Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 1916

1. People have always died in car crashes

2. New York has always been a single city.

3. America has always controlled Hawaii and Guam

4. They have always lived in a world where Radium’s existence was known

5. Standard Oil has never not been a monopoly

6. The electric meat slicer has always existed.

7. Lewis Carroll has always been dead.

8. They will use mechanical voting machines, when they come of age to vote.

9. Aspirin has always been the drug of choice for pain relief.

10. They have always used paperclips to hold their files together.

11. Alfred Dreyfus was never a traitor, as far as they were concerned.

12. George Dewey has always been the Admiral of the Navy

13. Ships have always announced their departure via wireless radio signals

14. Cuba has always been a free country.

15. The doors to China have always been open.

16. They couldn’t tell you where they were when McKinley was shot.

17. The “Subway” train has never been a pie in the sky dream of engineers.

 18. They couldn’t tell you who won either of the Boer wars

19. Zeppelins have always graced the skies with their majestic flights.

20. Australia has always been a commonwealth, in their minds.

21. The Oil boom has been gushing strong their entire lives.

22. Queen Victoria has never been their queen.

23. There have always been public telephones

24. Taft has always been a president, not TR’s pal.

25. There have always been submarines patrolling the seas.

26. Alfred Nobel is better known for his prizes, rather than his dynamite.

27.  Spiral hairpins have always held up their hair.

28. They grew up with motion pictures, provided by Thomas Edison

29. The president has always ridden in a car.

30. Their girlfriends have always been agitating to get the vote.

31. They don’t remember when Cecil Rhodes controlled Rhodesia.

32. The Wreck of the Old ’97 is a ballad they all can hum.

33. They were just children when the first flight was made at Kitty Hawk

34. They grew up holding teddy bears and colouring with Crayola crayons.

35. They only know Pope Leo XIII and Calamity Jane from stories their parents told them.

36. They call SOS when they need help.

37. They’ve always known that electric trains are safer than steam.

38. They’re always carrying you back to old Virginny, but it’s a long way back to Tipparay.

39. The ukulele is their instrument of choice.

40. Tarzan and Dorothey of Oz are their literary heroes of choice.

41. Newspapers have always included a comic strip section.


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