People Who Are Hard to Trust

-People with more than one neck tattoo

-People who wear sweatpants tucked into combat boots

-Anyone wearing a t-shirt from a religious rally that happened more than 10 years ago

-Anyone who needs change for a $50

-Panhandlers who want to shake your hand before they ask you for money

-Anyone who still uses money orders

-People who can’t remember something you told them just a second ago. Or, wait, actually…

-People who charge their cell phones at the public library

-People who wear skinny jeans with flip-flops.

-Anyone who cites alcoholism is the reason for a religious conversion

-Anyone wearing a baseball cap with a vaguely threatening yet patriotic statement on it.

-Men with nose rings.

-Anyone wearing more than one dirty sweatshirt.

-People who wear motorcycle jackets when it’s 80 degrees out, but who are not themselves motorcycling.

-People who leave their driver’s licenses in their cars.


About spoilersbelow

A librarian with a few typewriters.
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