Coming up with dismissive criticism is really easy.

Really, really easy.

“Oh, great, more Morbius. It is another comic about a guy in a pith helmet hanging around a bunch of Herge rejects against a solid parallelogram of color with a ton of squiggly black lines drawn on it?”

“Oh, awesome, some local band I’ve never heard of? Is it three guys with beards playing an electric xylophone, a wicker rocking chair, and clapping rhythmically? If they’re so great, why haven’t I heard of them? Do you ever listen to good bands, like the Beatles? Duke Ellington? Mozart?”

“Chris Ware? Eh. If I wanted to watch a depressed man drawing the instructions to Mouse Trap, I guess I’d like him…”


About spoilersbelow

A librarian with a few typewriters.
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